Urban Management Assistants of North Texas


The mission of the Urban Management Assistants of North Texas (UMANT) is to insure the continuance of high caliber local government management into the new millennium. Composed of individuals employed in entry and mid-management positions with municipal government agencies in the North Central Texas region, UMANT strives to achieve its mission through four organizational goals:

To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information among assistants in public management. Networking among professionals insimilar capacities in different jurisdictions is mutually beneficial both to the individual and the sponsoring agency.

To provide opportunities for urban management assistants forleadership and professional development. Training sessions and seminars geared to the diversity of issues and skills necessary in city management are the core of UMANT’s regular programs.

To provide for the advancement of the urban management profession. Commitment to the city management profession and its ethical standards are encouraged through internal programs, close association with other professional associations of a similar nature and outreach programs in the community.

To contribute to the understanding and resolution of governmental issues and concerns. Through its membership and meetings, UMANT strives to be on the leading edge in finding solutions to the challenges facing local governments.


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